Stencils and careers

I made good progress in my work today, and got some advice on how to apply for a part-time job. First thing I did this morning was finish my paintings from yesterday, with acrylic paint.

While I was painting, I met my new tutor. I’ve seen her around the university before, but it was the first time we were formally introduced. She is an artist, and will meet me for sessions starting next week.

As I continued to work on my horror mask, I asked Kate to print out 5 images of well-known movie antagonists. I asked her to print them out in A3, as I planned to turn them into 5 stencils. Before I went off to lunch, I cut out each picture with my craft knife, leaving only the outlines.

After lunch, I cut a piece of canvas from my 2m canvas sheet and painted first two stencils onto it:

At 2.00, I went to G03 to attend a lecture on finding part-time jobs and how to apply. It was very informative, and I got a sheet on how to write a cover letter.

Afterwards, I went back to the studio and finished my collage horror mask.


It was very, very difficult to find images small enough to stick onto the smaller spaces, but I was able to trim some of the larger images so they could fit properly.

Before I went home, I painted enough stencil onto my canvas.


I always try to be accurate when painted a picture or still. However, I decided to be more creative and add brighter colours to the stencil print. The results were stunning.

Tomorrow, I will finish my final two prints before my critique.


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