Horror Mask collage

I continued my project brief today, adding imagery that suits the villain on each plate.


For the rest of the day, I decided to expand the size of my project, as well as the material. During my break, I went to pullingers and bought the following items: 2m canvas (with bonus art materials), a mask and a note-book. My plan was to make a collage by sticking various images of horror films onto my cardboard mask. For this, I bought a horror themed magazine from WHSmith (I also bought 2000 AD’s 2000th issue, for my own personal enjoyment).

It wasn’t easy, cutting and sticking all those pictures onto the mask, especially with double-sided sticky tape. Fortunately, Kate bought several glue sticks for me to use, and I took one of them for my own.


I hope to finish my mask tomorrow.

I grew tired of sticking, so I decided to do some painting for the rest of the day, using a piece of my new canvas to paint my images.

Using my mask as a base, I drew for outlines of it onto my canvas. I planned to paint one, then do something different with the others, but I chose to paint them all instead. I decided to use my oil paints for the scream faces, but my mind was elsewhere, as I failed to notice that I was using acrylic with turpentine! Now one of t=my paint brushes is permanently bleached with red acrylic. all because I didn’t notice. Oh well.


Also, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t avoided smelling the turpentine. It was awful, and made me feel sick. I’ve decided to avoid using turpentine for the time being and stick with acrylic instead, as I am more accustomed to using it.


Not a bad day for art making, if I do say so myself.


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