What does my work mean to me?

For this week’s project brief, Paul has tasked us to expand on our current crop of work, as well as reflect on what our subjects means to us.

First, I looked at all of the work I have produced so far, and came up with at least ten words to describe what it presents and ten words to describe what it doesn’t present. Over the next four days, I need to examine my work, what it means to me on a personal level, it’s ambiguities and contradictions and how far I can take it.

I decided to continue my work with imagery from films and sticking them onto my paper plates. I will continue to remove portions of their faces and paint in the empty spaces.


In-fact, I have started a new series, titled hearts of darkness. In this new series, I will collect pictures of famous movie villains, remove their faces and paint black in the empty spaces. This represents the darkness that they have inside of them, and inside every human being. I will also stick additional imagery around the villains, in order to give the audience  clue as to the identity of each villain.

We also had our first artist talk of year 2. The artist in question was Emma Critchley, who works in underwater art and photography She talked to us about her work, what influences her, how she developed her ideas and showed us 3 of her films. It was a good talk, and some good insight into how Critchley works.

Tomorrow, I will further expand on my work, and think about what it means.


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