Today, I finally finished all of my work for crit. At first, I was stuck on what to do next, but after thinking it over in my head, I decided to continue my paintings from yesterday. Prior to that , I finished writing my third piece of artist research, this time on surreal artist, Man Ray.

Taking inspiration from the art of John Baldessari, I painted circles of colours over pictures of famous movie actors. The pictures above are scenes from Seven Samurai (1954) and The Usual Suspects (1995). I wanted to do more paintings like these, but I had an even better idea.

Taking another cue from Baldessari, I cut out pictures of actors, removed portions of their faces with my craft knife, stuck them to the backs of my paper plates and painted the empty spaces. I also stuck additional imagery next to them, creating a photomontage and making them feel more 3-dimensional. ALso, my craft knife is extremely blunt, so  will be getting a new one next week.

Once I had finished, I had to wait for my critique, as my group was running late.

When it was time for my critique, I had to go down to the downstairs studio, as some of the other students had artwork down there. After listening and critiquing  the other, we went back up to the upstairs studio, where the group critique my brief work.

They all liked it, especially how I connected it to my artist research. Some of them suggested I make the images bigger, and stick them onto a larger surface. I am considering that option, but with canvas.


Overall, this week’s project turned out very well, though I wish we can move onto ongoing project briefs.





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