Making part 2

I did more work today, and the results are very promising. First, I painted another plate, waited for it to dry and nailed it to the wall and nailed six more plates around it, just like the ones next to it.


Just before I went for my break, I printed out my research on John Baldessari, and decided to emulate his style for my next collection of artwork.

Baldessari took images and pictures of famous stars, and screen printed circles of bright colours on top of them. For my art, I chose to paint several circles and stick them on top of pictures of movies  stars from famous films. The pictures came from an Empire magazine I bought today (along with two electric toothbrush heads).

I only did one picture of a movie star covered, but for the rest, I chose to cut portions from the pictures and stick the painted circles behind them. This resulted in more vivid imagery, which is very similar to some of Baldessari’s photomontage and prints.

Another idea I had in my head was to go through my Empire magazine, and paint circles around the heads of every star and actor I see.


Again, this is very similar to Baldessari’s artwork, where he screen prints bright over the actors faces.

As I neared the end, I thought about using more of my plates, but I didn’t know how. Then I got an idea. Basically, I would take all of my receipts in my wallet and stick them all over one of my plates. I have been meaning to use those receipts for a long time, and this seemed like  the best time. After sticking my receipts all over one of my small plates, I nailed it in the middle of my wall, right between the other plates.


Tomorrow, It will be my first critic of my second year. Hopefully, I will get good marks for all of my work.


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