Moving into new studio

Today, I officially moved to the upstairs studio in the art block. I have to share my new space with two girls, one of which I worked with on the group project last week.

I like my new space, it has more room and has a great view. I had to paint the wall of my space, since they looked worn and the paint had faded.


For my new project this week, I have to find an image, material or object and alter it in a way that goes against its intended purpose, Basically, I have to create a series of works that “rupture” the original intent of the original work I have interfered with. The title of my project brief is “Dynamic Pattern Over calm pattern”.

I need to talk to Paul about this tomorrow, but I did make a start today by doing research on two artists that relates to this brief: Richard Wentworth and John Baldessari.

Wentworth takes man-made materials (books, Bricks, Ceramic tiles) and rearranges them in different patterns and sculptures. Baldessari takes images and pictures of pop culture and paints over them in unique ways, changing their original states, in order to create new imagery.

John Baldessari

Richard Wentworth

I like the work of both artists, though I am leaning towards Baldessari’s art more, due to my past work with painting. However, I do have an idea that relates to Wentworth’s work and it involves a washing line.

Overall, today was a decent start to my first year 2 brief project.


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