Fourth Day: Performance

Today was the big day. As 12.30 was rapidly approaching, my group did a quick rehearsal of  our performance.


It is a good thing a had my mask on, otherwise you would be seeing my big, goofy grin right now.

After we finished rehearsing, we gradually started to set up our props and background for our performance.

Before we could go on, we had to wait and watch the other groups perform. Each one was very good, my favourite being the performance with the flight of the Valkyries.

20160922_12324220160922_123243The Opening ceremony.

Group 1

20160922_12405220160922_124100Group 2 (Red and Blue)

Group 3 (JFK Assassination/Bambi)

20160922_12581120160922_125812Group 4 (Ride of the Valkyries)

20160922_13082320160922_130826Group 5 (Eastenders)

Group 6 (Star Trek march)

My group went next, but I forgot to give Kate my camera, so unfortunately she couldn’t document our performance. However, other student did take pictures of us, so it will be uploaded onto myUCA very soon.

As we neared the end, we were asked to gather in the centre of the quad for a group photograph with the other groups.

At 2.30, we met in the studio again, where one of the course leaders explained what is going to happen next Monday. Since I am year two, I will be moving to the upstairs studios next week! I helped the previous year 3 students set up their final exhibition in the studios last year, and now I get to work up there this year and next.

I am greatly looking forward to it.

Despite the poor weather earlier , our performance went very well and I had a great time.


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