Third day:More painting and mopping

WE didn’t do any rehearsals today. All we did was finish our making for the performance, which is fast approaching. I continued to paint the last few masks in the cast making room, though I got frustrated trying to make a mask which was painted beforehand, as the dry paint made putting the masks together very difficult.


With all of the masks painted, they were taken outside and spray with luminous spray paint.


As we drew near the end of our making, most of us decided to leave to studio and head home during lunch, while the rest stayed in the studio to finish making the props for our performance tomorrow.


After lunch, I stayed to help paint one of the props that will go up in the background.


Using black emulsion paint, we painted this cardboard window frame.

It was almost time to go, but before I could leave, I mopped up the floor of the studio, in order to remove some pink paint.

We were going to do rehearsals, but the one who had memorized it was not in. We have until 12.30 tomorrow to start our performance, so we got half the morning to get it right.

Pretty quiet day, all things considered.


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