Second day: Painting and making protest signs

Yesterday was our introduction and mask making. Today, we moved onto making. Half the group worked on the stage we will be performing on, while the other half painted all of the masks. We also discussed how we will perform our show this Thursday. Right now, the current plan is to perform the exercise moves from Fonda’s workout videos, to coincide with someone reading certain sections and paragraphs from Ginsberg’s poem, all while we wear the masks over our face.

Given that one of the themes of our performances involves Jane Fonda’s anti-war protests, we decided to paint the masks in camouflage colours. These will coincide nicely with several protest signs that we made later on.

I spent half the day painting all of the masks, which I enjoyed. However, it was easier to paint the masks when they weren’t already made and flat on the table.

After lunch, I asked if there was anything I could do to help with the project. One of the girls in my group suggested I could help make protest signs for the performance.

We stuck photographs of Fonda sitting with several Vietnamese soldiers onto several pieces of cardboard, and wrote many harsh words on top of each picture (traitor, Hypocrite and Hanoi Jane). These pictures caused great outrage in America, as it looked like Jane was collaborating with Vietnam. The words we choose to write on top relate to how America felt towards her.20160920_140941


The last thing I did was spread drops of paint over a pile of white nylon and signs.

These are meant to resemble the workout mats from Fonda’s video, and the protest signs  coincide with Jane’s anti-war views.

It was a very productive day,and tomorrow, we rehearse our performance.


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