First day: Group Project

It was my first day back in the studio today, and our course leader, paul, didn’t waste any time giving us our group project for year 2.

Forming a group with other year 2 students and year 1s, we have to produce an installation/live performance for the quad on Thursday. The theme of this project is taking two, seemingly random subjects, find any similarities between and tell a story about one through the other, via a performance.

For my group, we have to produce a performance based on Allen Ginsberg’s poem, Howl, and Jane Fonda’s work videos.

Before we could start to discuss what to do about our project, we were given paper masks.


As part of our group project, we have to wear these masks. We can decorate them at some point, or leave them as they are.

20160919_135256My mask

After I made my mask, I went to the library with my group, and we discussed what to do next. We each gave ourselves tasks to do in preparation of our performance. Some went to the skip to collect materials in order to make out stage, while others stayed in the library to do research. I stayed in the library to research to Jane Fonda and her activism, as well as watch and listen to a reading of Ginsberg’s Howl.

I plan to print off my research tomorrow.

The first day back was pretty typical, which means it was stressful. Well, stressful for me.


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