Seven Deadly Sins: Blackbeard (Greed)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath and Pride. In Christianity, they are the mortal folly and flaws of humanity, best depicted in Dante’s Inferno.

Today, I will pick one of the sins and an anime villain who best exemplifies the worst traits of the sin. I will continue with similar posts on the rest of the sins and their anime villain incarnations.

Today’s sin is Greed.


Greed stems from a desire to own everything: money, women, power and more. The more you obtain, the more you desire to own. Greed in moderation is acceptable, such as the desire to collect as many Pokemon cards and games as possible, or a desire to make enough money to survive. However, if you don’t stop at one thing, you slowly start to covet another thing. And another, and another.

It gets to the point where one want something so badly, they will go to extreme lengths to possess it, either steal it or kill someone for it.

Money and Power are often the biggest influences of Greed and will drive a person to very desperate measures to obtain them.

In the realms of anime, there is one villain I can think of that represents the Sin of Greed at its worst. And his name is Marshall D. Teach, AKA, Blackbeard:

One of the main villains from One Piece, Marshall D. Teach, AKA Blackbeard, wants what all pirates in the series want: to find the Legendary treasure One Piece and become the Pirate King. To achieve this goal, Teach needed power. And he was more than willing to kill for it.

In many ways, he is similar to Monkey D.Luffy: adventurous, fun-loving, headstrong, easy-going and has a huge appetite. However, where as Luffy is more of an adventurer, Teach is the best, or worst, example of a pirate. Over the course of the series, Marshall’s lust for power led him to join Whitebeard’s crew, staying only because it was the best chance he had in finding the Dark-Dark fruit, the most dangerous of all Devil Fruits, with the ability to engulf anything in darkness. It also has the ability to nullify the abilities of other devil fruit users . When his friend Thatch found the fruit instead, Teach murdered him and ran away with it. Teach later formed his own crew and plunder the seas, looking for more power.

Teach’s greed only got worst as the series progress: he defeated Luffy’s brother, Ace and handed him over to the world government. In return, he became one of the warlords of the sea, a group of pirates who work with the government. However, Teach abused his position, used it to gain access to the infamous prison, Impel Down, and recruited several dangerous prisoners to join his crew, adding more power to it.

Later, Teach and his crew went so far as to murder his former captain, Whitebeard, who was heavily wounded and close to death. Ultimately, once Whitebeard finally died, Blackbeard somehow stole his Devil fruit powers, the quake-quake fruit and became even more powerful.


With two devil fruits, Blackbeard and his crew wasted little time to usurp the territories of Whitebeard and make them their own. Blackbeard is now one of the 4 Emperors (4 of the most powerful pirates in the world) and currently hunting down more devil fruit users and absorbing their powers.

Blackbeard represents the worst aspects of greed: obsession, selfishness, thievery and murder. To achieve his goals, Teach was willing to murder and sell out his “friends” to get more power or a means to acquire it. He would even murder his own captain in cold blood, just to covet his power and make it his own.

The thing with Blackbeard, he is the closest thing to a real pirate in One Piece. Pirates plundered and pillaged ships, towns and villages for money, food and power. They would lie, cheat, steal and kill to get what they wanted or simply to survive, showing no remorse for their actions. Teach is doing what he feels is natural: doing whatever it takes to achieve his dreams.

This makes him extremely amoral, as he does not believe in good or evil and does whatever he wants and takes whatever he wants, regardless of who gets hurt in the process.

As a walking embodiment of greed, Teach wants all the power, wealth and fame in the world, and doesn’t care who he has to kill to them.

Next sin: Lust


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