MA art show 2016

Yesterday, I went to this year’s MA graduation art show, started late August and ended yesterday, September 3rd. It was a great show, with a strong variety of art, from illustrations and mixed media portraits, to animation and textiles.

20160903_15302420160903_153028“Not Just words”, 216


Materials: MDF boards, eggshells, egg trays, vinyl, silicone and text

This piece of art was made by Glynis Ayling. The theme is abuse, not just physical but verbal and emotional. The egg shells represent the frailty of the victim, their current state of mind. So many thoughts going through their head, but no easy solution.

This is a very poignant and powerful message, conveyed through a simple, but strong visuals.

20160903_153554Red Thread, 2016


Red thread is a short animation by I Hsuan (Sharon) Lee

The short is about the history of Taiwanese and the main character’s search for his identity. Throughout the film, the red thread would appear whenever the character felt lost or in distress. It served as a reminder to keep going, never giving up his search. It is his anchor. However, near the end of the short, the main character has given, which is confirmed when he decides to cut his red thread. This is a very powerful animated short, simple but very effective in getting its message across.

I really enjoyed the film, but my favourite has the short titled “Midst”, by Nirobon Yuenyong. It depicts a young boy and his attempts to shut out the fighting between his parents. He tries several outlets to ignore the fight and deal with the stress. He tries so desperately to block everything out, but soon learns to except the way things are.

Among all the animated short films, Midst is the best in my opinion. The message is related, and the animation truly captures the inner turmoil of the young boy. Since Yuenyong wasn’t there, |I couldn’t ask him if this was based on his own childhood. It still a powerful film nonetheless.

.Here are pictures of the other pieces of artwork on display from the exhibition:

20160903_15394120160903_154100Surviving the stress of mental illness, Jackie Kirk, 2016


Material: Quilt

20160903_154649Skin, Dujuan Zhang, 2016


Material: Pastel

20160903_154853Between, Chuang Meng Yun, 2016


Materials: Mixed Media

20160903_154728A Butterfly’s Message, Pavarisa Chansakulporn, 2016


Materials: Mixed media on canvas

The illustrations were by far the best,each one different and display a good use of materials and methods, but all of the graduate work was brilliant. The students who made each piece of art shown in the exhibition are all extremely talented, and have potential to succeed in their future professions, if they just continue to work hard and produce more great artwork.

I don’t have any complaints, except one: I didn’t go to the show sooner. I went to see it on its last day and now it has all been put away. Wished I went to see the exhibition earlier last month, but there is nothing I can do now. I didn’t stay too long, but I wish I did. It was still a great show, and I look my own MA graduation show.



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