Summer artwork-Food Logo painting expansion

I’ve wanted to do a painting during the summer, but I couldn’t decide what to paint. AT first, I wanted to do another Jackson Pollock with food condiments and sauces, but realised that the sauces would slowly go off and I would have to throw it away, just like my first Pollock. I wanted to keep it, and maybe sell it if possible. I also thought about doing a normal pollock, with acrylics or just the McDonald’s logo, with paint all over it.

Finally, I decided to do an expanded painting of one of my sketchbook paintings, which was the McDonald’s logo and a magnum logo.


First, I had to but more newspaper to lay on the table, just enough so I can place my canvas on it. Once the paper was spread out, I started to paint, and the photograph above is the result.

Not bad, but I feel I could have done more on the canvas. Instead of simple logos, I could have gone for my pollock or an even more expressive painting. I still have time before I go back to University, so I may buy another canvas and produce one more painting.

ALso, I recently had an interview at the Sarah Wiseman art gallery in Summer town, and she had agreed to take me on for one day in September. Specifically, the first of September, before I go back to University.


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