Summer project-Intervention in park, rocky pathway, town and painting.

On Saturday, I went to the park and took more pictures of my totem on the field.









Before I went back inside, I took 4 more pictures on the rocky gravel outside my house.

When I got inside, I decided to paint a sketch of a piece of artwork I saw in the Tate Modern on Friday.


I left a few spaces empty, because I don’t have the specific paint that goes with each one.

On Sunday, I went into town and continued my intervention work in the park, and on the steps on the pillar (don’t know what to call it) near the entrance into town.


I need to pick one set of four pictures, save them as JPEG and print them off as son as I get back to University (or here at home, assuming the printer works). I also bought a copy of Marvel Secret Wars (original). I plan to review in the future.


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