Summer Project-Intervention in Town and Buying Pens

Today, I went into town to try to take pictures of my totem in Boswells and Modern Art Oxford. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get permission from either Boswells or Modern Art.

However, the lady at the reception desk in Modern Art suggested that I try to take pictures at the Ashmolean Museum.I decided to try to ask at the Ashmolean. When I got there, I asked for permission at the reception desk, and a member of staff pointed me to one of the security guards, who called a curator to come and talk with me. I asked for permission and she said  yes, provided I didn’t take any pictures of any artwork in or around the Ashmolean. I placed my totem on one of the seats outside and took 4 pictures.


Next time, I’m just going to take pictures in a field, no permission needed.

Before I went home, I bought some new pens for my sketchbook. I plan to start sketching new drawings either this week or next.

Today was fairly successful, despite some minor setbacks.


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