Summer Intervention-Bloody Horror

I went to my friend Max’s house and we had another great chat. I showed him my animal totem for my summer art project, and he liked it. He did suggest I make some alterations: like adding blood to the totem, to really drive home the horror and gore of the intervention piece. He also suggested I leave some of the stuffing visible and leave the spike exposed, so it would make the totem look more authentic.

Max even recommended I install my work in the Modern art gallery,as they are less likely to complain or say no to me putting my artwork on display, least for one day.

As soon as I got home, I got my totem out and cut bits and pieces off the heads and bodies of the animals. Afterwards, I put paint on all the cut areas, to simulate the appearance of blood.


I plan to display my work in either Boswells or a local art gallery in Oxford, first thing tomorrow.


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