Summer Artwork

I few weeks ago, I made two observational drawings: one of my bear and the other of one of my mother’s wooden statues.20160804_190557

I wanted to do more, but I couldn’t think of anything else to draw at the time.

Today, I decided to continue my observational drawings. However, I also decided to at-least one of them . Before I could do this, I bought a newspaper and laid it out on the table, so no paint would go on it.

After I had done my third observational drawing (of a clown doll I bought in Amsterdam), I started to paint it, but realised I didn’t have any dark blue acrylic paint. I need it for the other side, so I will try to buy some either this week or next. I will also buy some canvases, so I can produce more large-scale paintings and display them online.

I had enough red paint left over to paint another one of my drawings:


As soon as I can, I will finish my other painting and post the photograph.

I made one more painting, but it’s not that special.

I hope to buy one more stuff animal for my totem tomorrow or next week. Also, I may be working at an art gallery soon. I will let you know more about it in a future post.



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