Childhood, RIP

I have been thinking about my next piece of art that relates to “Death of Innocence”, now retitled “Childhood, RIP”. After much thought, I decided to produce another installation that relates to my theme. Continuing my use of stuffed animals, my next installation would be based on my animal knife totem drawing I made during my foundation year. I needed to buy an office spike and some stuffed animals. Once I had enough animals, I would cut their heads off, stick them on the spike and display them inside a toy store (assuming I get permission or at the very least, make sure am not caught).

I wanted to use more teddy bears, but the spike I needed was too small and would have been completely covered by at-least a single bear head. I tried looking for smaller stuff animals and found 5 finger puppets in Boswell’s, the same place where I bought my bear.

Once I had bought all of my materials, I started to make my totem. Using a pair of scissors, I cut off the heads and stuck each one onto the spike. I had to remove the stuffing from the heads, and make smaller holes into each head so the spike could go through.

As you can see, I had to put a piece of bin liner down so the fluff wouldn’t get on the table. I might add red paint, to simulate blood and add a little extra shock and horror to the piece. I might also get another finger puppet tomorrow to stick at the top, and finish the totem.

Overall, I liked how it had come out and I hope to make similar pieces like it before summer is over.




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