Art gallery, part time work

For most of this summer, I have been looking for an art gallery to work in on a part-time basis. Tate, Oxford Modern art, Saatchi and Mills Art centre. So far, I have been unsuccessful. Each gallery were looking for people for full-time employment, within the next 3 months (August to October) or just weren’t looking for anyone right now.

However, I just received two responses from two of the galleries I’ve been looking at: Saatchi and the fire station in Oxford. The fire station’s response was immediate and quick, saying that they will be in contact with me soon. I also received similar emails from the Jam factory and the Saatchi. However, the Jam factory is looking for volunteers for the end of September and October (I’ll be back at university in September) and the Saatchi are looking for people to interview in August. I responded to the Saatchi, but I don’t know when I’ll hear from them. I suspect it will be this week.

It looks like my search for gallery work is about to pay off soon.


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