Future crossovers

It seems like every year, we are getting more and more crossovers between popular franchises (Batman/TMNT, SF vs GI JOE and Steven Universe and Uncle Grampa).

This year, the following crossovers were announced for release this year and next: Batman TAS/2012 TMNT, GL/Star Trek, SF vs Darkstalkers and Thundercats/Masters of the Universe. WIth so many great crossovers, it got me thinking about other crossovers we could see in the future.

SO, I decided to compile a list of possible crossovers between popular comics, TV shows and anime:

Steven Universe and Green Lantern:

Green Lantern Peridot, Star Sapphire Pearl, Red Lantern Jasper, Green Lantern Amethyst and Blue Lantern Steven! Plus, Garnet vs Kilowog in an arm wrestling match!

DBZ vs JL:

Goku vs Superman! Who would win? Super Saiyan or Man of Steel! One day, this question will be answered. Plus, Vegeta confronts Batman, Bulma chats with Wonder Woman, Flash races the flying nimbus and more.

Transformers and Megaman:

Megaman and his friends must join forces to battle the combined might of Dr Wily and his Robot Masters, and Megatron and his Decepticons!




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