Innocence, RIP

Here are pictures of my Innocence, RIP, installation. Warning: the following pictures may be disturbing:


As the title says, this is the death of innocence. As we get older, we become more self-aware of the world around us. We realise that it is unjust, cruel and miserable, with danger all around us. Even something as sweet and harmless like a teddy bear can symbolise the darker aspects of humanity. By taking this object of purity and childhood innocence, I am contrasting it with the violent reality of the real world. I am physically destroying a symbol of childhood, using objects that represent the violence and crime of the world.

I wanted to do this in the park, an environment of fun and enjoyment for children. However, because so many children and teenagers go to the park, I would have run the risk of someone seeing me stab the bear and calling the police. I didn’t want to take the risk, so I stabbed the bear in the garden.

Looking at the installation, I feel I could have done more, like tear off its arms or rip off the head of my clown doll and sit it between the bear’s legs. I still have time, I might expand my theme of “Innocence, RIP” and do more installations before I go back in September. Or I might do a new installation all together.

I need to think about it.



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