Joker: overrated villain


joker madSimilar to my batman post, this post will be about the Joker and why I think he is overexposed and overrated.

The Joker is one of the greatest villains in comics, but I hardly call him the greatest. However, like batman, Dc and Warner brothers have pushed to a ridiculous degree for years: comics, games, films and Tv shows, Joker is bound to appear in some form or another.

I understand why he is popular: he killed robin, crippled Batgirl and tormented Batman for years. However, the impact of these events have lessened somewhat over the years. I blame Dc comics for this, because thanks to them, Barbera is back as Batgirl and Jason is alive and well.

Compare this to the Death of Gwen Stacy. Her death was shocking, and continues to have an impact on comic books. However, it paved the way for similar death from both Marvel and DC. For example, Iris West was murdered by Professor Zoom, arch-foe of Barry Allen, The Flash and Aquaman’s infant son was killed by Black Manta. Just as tragic, but undone thanks to the new 52 reboot. Iris’s death was also undone in a similarly convoluted fashion (it is a long story and I don’t want to get into it).

Honestly, I like Joker, but I always saw Norman Osborn as a more effective and scary villain, especially when he was dead. He is a combination of Lex Luthor and The Joker, being both brilliant but insane and has committed many horrific acts against Peter.

The Joker on the other hand is completely mad, doing things completely at random. Joker was initially portrayed as both cunning and intelligent, but also mad. Now, he is just mad for the sake of being mad.

The recent Batman story, Endgame, took Joker position as chief villain to a ridiculous degree, (Spoilers) by implying that he is Immortal and has lived for decades. In terms of taking things too far, it is right up there with having the someone remove Joker’s face and pin it on a wall!

Just as there are many great heroes better than Batman, there are many great comic book villains better than Joker and here is a list of them:

DR Doom




Ra’s al Ghul

Madame Hydra



Anton Arcane

Gorilla Grodd

Dr Octopus

Green Goblin






Here is a short list of non comic villains who are slightly better than Joker:






Lord Dominator

Bill Cipher

The Beast (Over the garden wall)

Megatron (beast wars)



Dio Brando

Anton Chigurh

Cody Garrett (White Heat)

Norman Bates

I think you get the point.

Joker, you are good, but you’re not that good.






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