My summer art project-concept

For my summer project, I plan to buy one or two stuff toys, placed them in a park and plunge knives into them. The concept behind this is “death of innocence”. When we are young, everything is nice and simple. Nothing to worry about at all. We are free to do what we like and have absolutely nothing to worry about. But, as we get older, we soon realise that the world is cruel place. Death, war, poverty and the stress of growing up becomes more prominent every year. Even a safe environment, like a park for children, can potentially be the stomping grounds for criminals to gather and exchange drugs, or mug someone. They can even be the sites for a murder.

The stuff toy represents innocence of childhood and the knives are the cold reality of adulthood. Sometimes, you need to watch your back.

I plan to buy at least one stuff toy, stab it with a knife and take pictures of it.


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