Helping the third years with final clean up

Even though I didn’t have to, I chose to help the third year students clean up the upstairs studio before the art show. I swept the floor and painted the wall with all the dictionary pages stuck to it, as trying to remove them all proved to be too difficult. I enjoyed the painting more than the sweeping. After the painting, I went to get a snack from the canteen, then went back and see if anymore third years needed my help. I stopped to look at the downstairs exhibition in my studio, and the preparations are almost finished. I’ve seen the art, and it looks great. Soon, it will be me setting up the studio for my third year show.

I went back upstairs, but the third years were nearly done with their clean up, so there was nothing for me to do. So, I decided to head back to my room and watch some of my DVDs.


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