Finishing final statement

I didn’t have much work to do, other than write in my reflective journal and annotate my artist research.

I had hoped to spend the day annotate all of my research, but Jo came to me and showed me a print of my final statement (I sent it to her in an email so she could check for any correction I should make). She wrote several corrections and suggestions on the copy for me to make on my actual statement, which really got me upset. I hate having to redo something I know is already finished. But, I want to pass, so I spent the rest of the afternoon, reworking my statement. I took a break and decided to go to the studio and see if they needed my help. They didn’t. In fact, it looks like preparations for the year 3 art show is coming together very nicely. I went back to the library, finished my research and sent it to Jo in an email so she could check it.

I wanted to attend a life drawing session, but I lost one of my USB sticks. I might find eventually, but right now, I am very frustrated and depressed. Thank god it’s the weekend tomorrow.


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