All star non comic Suicide Squad

For those who saw my anime suicide Squad, get ready to meet the all-star version:

Leader: Kuvira (legend of Korra)


Stern, decisive and fierce, the former ruler of the Earth Empire is a perfect leader for this collection of liars, killers and psychopaths. She does not tolerate insubordination and will gladly remind the more “unruly” members of the squad why she is the one calling the shots.

Second in command:

Tiger Claw (TMNT)

Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw is equally fierce and equally ruthless, a predator by nature, but a warrior at heart. Tiger Claw and Kuvira share a mutual respect for each other, making Tiger the only member Kuvira can trust and rely on in a pinch.




Jasper takes orders from no one, except Yellow Diamond. Strong, determined, but short-tempered and aggressive, Jasper is none to please about being forced to work with a group of “weaklings” and scoffs at the idea of taking orders from a human. However, while she won’t admit it, Jas has developed a begrudging respect for the tactics and ruthless attitude of Kuvira or “rock mover” as she calls her.

Serial Killer/Wildcard:

Barry the Chopper (FMA)


Barry loves to chop things up. He lives for the thrill of carving someone or something to bits with his knife. When he was told that he would be released to kill people for the world government, he gladly accepted. He has a thing for strong woman, which makes Kuvira and the other females of the squad (minus one) the objects of his sick affection, much to their chagrin.

Mad Scientist:

Tarantulas (Beast wars)


They say he is mad, and Tarantulas would gladly agree with them. A twisted genius, with a vile sadistic streak and perverse appetite, Tarantulas is always looking for any opportunity to further his own goals, even going as far as to manipulate the gullible Barry. He also has his eyes on Jasper, but more as a potential test subject or a toy for his own amusement.


Shenhua (Black Lagoon)


Shenhua may not have perfect English, but she is a master of the Kukri blades and other bladed weapons. She doesn’t really care who leads the squad, as long as she can kill people and go back to her cell and relax until the next mission. She does not take kindly to Barry’s “crush” on her and has been seen threatening him on more the one occasion. She seems to be attracted to Tiger Claw, but in what way remains to be seen.


Machi (HXH)


Don’t let her age fool you, Machi is not only one of the quickest and most agile members of the squad, she is also the most deadly. With her Nen-strings, Machi can slice through anything (even steel) or quickly stitch a wounded member in under 10 seconds or less. Her only loyalties are to the Phantom Troupe, but for the time being, she will stay with the Suicide Squad, until the opportunity to escape presents itself.


Handsome Jack (Borderlands)

Handsome JACKJack is a lying, scheming, two-faced bastard, who only cares about himself. The only reason he is on the squad is because he thought it would be a better alternative than sitting in his cell all day. How wrong he was. He is the weakest member of the group and the least trust worthy, though he is very cunning and manipulative, and is pretty decent with a few firearms and explosives. Regardless, Kuvira will be keeping a very close eye on “Mr. Jack”.




Tell me what you think of this line up in the comments section, and please feel free to suggest other non-comic teams for me to make in the future.









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