Clean up

From Tuesday this week, the studio will be off-limits to year one students, as the year 3 students need to use the studio to set up their art show. SO, I had to collect all of my year one work and take it all back to my room. I have so much, I was initially afraid that I wouldn’t have enough space in my room. Fortunately, Kate helped me carry all my things to my room and put them away neatly.

The only thing I have to do now is go over my fine art portfolio for the year, labeling all of my work (I have loads of pictures), annotate my artist research more and  update my reflective journal. Kate helped me with my portfolio, organising my newest collection of photographs of my weekend work and putting them in my fine art catalogue folder. I just need to finish labeling them, and my portfolio will be half way done. I also printed off another artist research file (George Condo).

I’m almost done with all my work. I couldn’t be happier.


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