Priting and painting

Continued my drawings today, and unlike yesterday, I enjoyed myself, if just for a little bit.

I choose a piece of wood from the skip, and drew a picture of my mask on it, using the craft knife.


Just like my cardboard drawing, it is difficult to see my drawing in the light, but the texture and detail is exceptional. The wooden surface matches the rough look of my mask, but is slightly smoother.

Afterwards, I finished my collage from yesterday, and quite frankly, I hope the next one I do will be easier, because this one was hard. The reason being is that I had to stick smaller images onto certain sections of my collage, and as they got smaller ans smaller, it got more and more difficult to cut a small enough strand of the double-sided tape to stick to the image.


Once that was done, I did another knife drawing, this time on a wood chip


Before lunch, I painted one of the empty drink cartons. I plan to paint my other empty cartons, and tie them into my tongue art.


After lunch, I went into the print studio with my wood chip and made a print from it. The printing process was very thorough and anything but simple. I needed Kate help to print it, and once we were finished, the results were acceptable.


I could have done more screen prints, but I hated the long printing process, I just wanted things done and done quickly and perfectly. It’s why I love painting so much (at least one of the reasons). Still, the prints came out fine.

I tried to continue my carton paintings, but my second attempt didn’t end well, so I decided to stop for today and continue over the weekend.

Next week, I won’t be allowed in the studio, so I will have to continue my work in my room and the library. Soon, it will all be finished.





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