Cardboard paintings

Following my assessment from yesterday, I chose to work on the areas that need improvement. First, I printed out the pictures of my sketchbook collages (I tried to print them yesterday, but it didn’t go so well).

For the rest of the day, I decide to explore alternative surfaces for paints. In this case, I choose cardboard  food packaging.


For the first 3 paintings, I used the cardboard box that was used to pack my Rothko paintings. For my final painting today, I used the half of a frosties cereal box.

The snake painting was an observational drawing of a piece of art by another art student, Phillip. The reason why I chose the snake is because the image was so striking and eye-catching, it was just too good not to do a painting of it.

I plan to stick these paintings into another cereal box (intact) to make another daisen sketchbook. I also plan to paint an entire cardboard box, though I haven’t decided on what to paint on it.

Before I left, I tape all of my collage pictures onto the walls of my space.


Kate suggested that I take these images and blow them up to A3, which I probably should have done in the first place. I still have time to do this.

So far, my cardboard paintings are coming together very  nicely.




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