Had my big assessment today, and I was very excited, if a little nervous. I knew I had to make corrections, but I didn’t know how many. Either way, I still have time before the real review in May.

In the meantime, I went to the library and looked over my studio catalogue, and my drawing catalogue (both organised by Kate). I worked on the titles in the studio catalogue and added titles to the drawing. I will write annotations on each later this week.

Once I got to the studio for my assessment, Amanda talked about what we still need to do and how much time we have left. I still have time, so am not worried.

Once I got my assessment sheet, I was a little disappointed and upset with some of my results, but I talked it over with Andrea and I realised that I still had nothing to worry about. My body of work is good, and she liked my explorations of materials, research files, journal and presentation.

She did however wrote down the following I still need to do, in order to improve my grade:

document sketchbook collages, print them out and hang them in my space

experiment with Curation and presentation of my drawings and paintings

prepare cardboard surfaces for paintings

look at collages in sketchbook more critically

I still have time to do all of this.

Right now, my grade is between a B and C, so I can still improve it and get an A if I follow Andrea’s suggestions.

Overall, not a bad day. In-fact, I think the days ahead are going to get easier.


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