Studio clean up and artist research organisation

With the end of term 1 drawing near, it was time to clean up the studio and take things home. I had loads of things in my space, and I didn’t know what to keep and what to throw away. I threw away a few things, but kept the rest, as I hope to use them for a future art piece. My primary goal today was to organise all of my artist research and print out any research I still had on my USB sticks.

I printed out a few sheets of research (Pollock, Oldenburg and a new copy of my Rothko research).

Kate had already organised my pictures into two groups (Jan-Feb and March-April) and put them into one folder. I just need to label each picture and save them as PDF.

For most of the day, Kate helped me organise all of my research (food, receipt, artist and drawing). Looking at all of the work I’ve done, I am very pleased with myself. My art has come along way since I started year 1, and I have amassed a huge body of artwork since then. With Kate’s help, all of my research was properly shuffled into separate groups and placed inside my folder.

After going through all of my research, we went back to the studio and painted the wall in my space, since the year 3 students will be taking over the studio next week and they need my wall to hang up their work.

All I have to do now is label all the artwork Kate had organised for me, annotate some of my research and finish my reflective journal. I’m almost done.


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