Collage completed and cataloging continuation

Finally finished my superhero collage today, and I couldn’t be happier.


This is by far my best piece of work, though I still hate sticking all the images down, especially to cover any small, white spaces on the sheet. Still, the result is stunning.

I spent the rest of the day cataloging my year 1 work, which is getting harder and harder to do.

Fortunately, Kate was on hand to help me organise all of it. First, I created a new folder for all my pictures, then sent it to Kate so she could further organise each set of pictures into two, separate folders (January-Feb, March-April). Thanks to her, it will be easier to label all of my pictures, now that I know which =folder each picture belongs to.

I also had to organise all of my artist research, which proved to be equally frustrating, as I’ve only printed half of it. I printed out two more artist research sheets, but I couldn’t find my previous printouts. Now I’ll have to print them out again.

Honestly, I can’t wait 2 go home and do nothing!


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