Superhero collage and artist research

With time running out, I chose to crack on with my final resolved work. This is another idea I have had for a while now, and it references my love of superheros. I call it “Superheroes-what they really stand for”.

Basically, I collect various images of superheroes (Marvel, DC, etc) from the internet and from magazines, cut them out and stick them around the bottom, top and left and right hand sides of the paper. In the middle, I decided to fill it with images of money and businessmen. This references how the superhero genre has become a popular commodity for Hollywood, and the amount of money it is making for them. It also ties into the idea of overexposure of the genre, especially with the amount of superhero films being released this year and next. To me, these heroes now stand for commercialism and profit.

IMG_4718IMG_4719IMG_4720IMG_4721Development of my collage

I like collage, but it is a pain collecting all of these images, cutting them out and sticking them onto the A1.Still, my collage is coming along very nicely. My inspiration for this style of assemblage is Peter Blake and his collage murals. They have loads of people in the foreground and background and some of the collages i have made recently are similar. This one is no exception.

I had another meeting with Jo, and together, we prioritize what I need to do this week: continue cataloging all of my pictures of my year 1 work for my digital portfolio, print out my artist research and put it in research files, write in my reflective journal and collect all of my sketchbooks for formal review next week. Starting next Tuesday, I won’t be able to go into the studio, because the tutors will be reviewing all of my work, so I need to organise as much of it as I can.

I just did artist research on one of the artists from the Modern Art Oxford gallery (Jac Leirner) because her work reminded me of my own.

It will all be over soon.


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