Final resolve work completed and liner gallery take down

Today, I finally finished my resolved work for all the receipt collages I’ve made over the months.Before, Amanda called us together and informed us that our work in the liner gallery needed to be taken down today. She also reminded (some) of us that we still need to work on our blogs for theory.

For most of the day, the studio worked on taking the gallery down, while I began work on my mural.


I really got into this mural, using condiments and sauces as “paint”. It was a great experience, finally bringing one of my ideas to fruition. The sauces I used were ketchup, BBQ, sweet chili, chocolate sauce, mayonnaise and mustard, and they all blended together very well. The thickness and texture are amazing, creating a wonderful contrast between colour and background. I ran out of sweet chili near the end, but it was for the best as I had decided to stop. I didn’t want to lose the background.

Because the sauces aren’t paint, they  won’t dry properly and will begin to seep into the paper. I will see what it looks like tomorrow.

For the rest of the day, I just drew and painted in my sketchbook, and made two more drawings for my drawing unit.

For the drawing on the right, I used my craft knife to draw an image of my mask onto the inside of a Kellogg’s frosties box. It is a little hard to see, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to cut too deeply, otherwise the knife would have gone through. For the drawing on the left, I made a continues line of my mask assemblage. I think it turned out better than the knife, mainly because I used my dark liner pen, which meant it would be easier to see.

I still need to catalogue all of my year 1 work, and collect all the pictures I took of them and transfer them into a digital portfolio. I also need to collect all of my artist research and notes for review. I don’t really have that much to do.

Overall, it was a pretty good day.


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