Food art-how far I’ve come

When I first started my food artwork, I thought I only had to do it for my Christmas project, but the more I did it, the more I wanted to do. This stems from my diet, as I have been itching to try new things and expand my tastes. I also realised that with so many different variety of food in the world (vegetables, fruit, meat and sweets) they would make great drawings and paintings. So, I have been doing more and more drawings of food, mainly logos and brands (Nando’s and Dominos) and a few sketches of actual food (bananas).

The most frequent type of food I keep drawing is a coffee bean, though the way I draw them sometimes, they look more like tongues or hotdog buns. Again, lately I have been focusing on food brands, with the possibility of contrasting man-made with natural. So far, it’s been mostly man-made, with the Nandos and Magnum logos as my most recurring images to draw and paint.

Recently, I have added collage to my portfolio of work, expanding on a collage background I made in my sketchbook with receipts. I have used all types of receipts (shopping, magazine, train tickets, etc) to produce a series of drawings, each one drawn on a background of receipts.

The drawings have varied, from food to random objects (like my scissors), but the method has stayed consistent.

After I showed my collages to my tutors, they encouraged me to continue my work, as I have really hit my stride. I needed more receipts, so Kate and I went around the studio and asked the other students to give us any used receipts they might have on them. I used most of them for my first of 6 resolved pieces of work for term one, which was a large-scale mural of a mouth and cutlery

The resolved work was based on my first receipt collage painting I made in my sketchbook, and the base I used for the background was a sheet of A1 card paper.

I had hoped to display the mural in the liner gallery, but it was too big and they needed something smaller, so I gave them two of my developmental works.

I have really enjoyed doing all this collage work, though I keep running out of receipts and double-sided tape. Despite, I plan to continue my receipt work for my next resolve outcome, which I hope to finish next week. If I could change anything at this point, It would be to use plaster cast or stencil printing for my next set of food art.



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