Final Project, drawing and theory responses

I thought I only had to focus on my final project. Not if Greg had anything to say about, and unfortunately, he did. He reminded us that we still needed to finish our drawing project before May, and at this point, we need to be working on 5, final drawings using all of the skills we have learned since the start of this term.

I made a start by drawing a coffee bean onto a brown, paper bag I got after buying a trade paper in Banbury.

IMG_4672Using pen, graphite pencil and chalk pastel, I made a dotted drawing, repeatedly stabbing the bag with continues marks. For my next drawing, I think I will use paint, but not use a brush.

While I made start on my final drawings, I also continued to work on my final project, and actually managed to finish the background.


Now, all I need to do is pour the condiments onto the surface, covering every inch of the board.

As for the rest of the afternoon, I had to produce 3 responses to 3 theory sheets. I’ve already done one (donald Judd), I just needed to do two more ( Richter interview and criticism to complicity). I am really sick of theses theory note and wish Greg and the others would stop shoving them down my Bloody throat! Fortunately, I finished the interview response,and not I need to finish the criticism response and am finally done!.

After this, I can focus on my artwork and only my art work, with no interruptiopns. Hopefully!


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