Final project and essay.

Yesterday, I continued to work on both my essay and my final project. For my final project, I decided to go with an idea I’ve had even since I saw Jackson Pollock’s mural in Berlin.Using a smooth, wooden board as a base, I started to stick all of my receipts onto the surface. I plan on covering every inch of the board with receipts, leaving no empty spaces.

Once I have covered the whole board, I will pour an assortment of condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, Nando and chocolate sauce) onto it, in a style similar to Pollock’s drip paintings. Specifically, this will be my response to Jackson’s mural.

I will need loads of receipts.


For the remainder of the day, I continued to work on my essay for Thursday. I only have few thousand words left to write, not to mention a bibliography. I’ve mostly been to websites, so I just need to remember all the art sites I’ve been to and list them down in alphabetical order.

I can’t wait to finish this essay and focus on my easter project and final project.



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