Essay completion and final project continuation

I did it! I finally finished my essay. It was maddening, but with Kate’s help, I finally finished my essay on Donald Judd’s theory on Postmodernism, as well as the bibliography  that goes with it. I also managed to send the links to my 3 exhibition reviews to my tutors for Thursday. Overall, I am up to date with my theory work.

I also had time to continue to work on my final project of my first year.


As you can see, I’ve added more receipts since yesterday. Now, I can devote all my time to working in the studio, as well as collecting artist research, and notes for my journal.

After I had finished my studio work, I went shopping and bought 5, different sauces: Ketchup, BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Mustard and Chocolate sauce. Each of these condiments will be used for my response to Pollock’s mural, as soon I have finished sticking all the receipts onto the board.


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