Easter project and group review

First day back from Easter, and I already want to go back home!

First, we had a group review on all the work we did during the Easter holidays. Unfortunately, I got sick during the second week of the break, so I couldn’t continue my work for a couple of days, though I did manage to produce some new pieces of work just before Easter ended.


I decided to go slightly random with my new series of artwork, collecting all of my empty bottles and stick loads of receipts onto them, covering every inch of them.

I also started work on something I’ve wanted to do for a long time:


Using cards from the DC comics trump card collection, I created this mural, with the cards in the background and £ signs painted on top.

When I showed my work to the group, they questioned my wrapping of the bottles in receipts. I mentioned how I wanted to use my receipts in way other than a background, and I thought of the idea of using all the bottles I have collected over the months. I like the look of them, though I did consider painting them afterwards. I also mentioned how the work of Jac Leirner is similar to my DC card mural. They liked it and suggested I look at a few more artists whose work is similar to mine.

For the rest of early afternoon, I worked on my essay in the library, as well as printed out some artist research I started over the weekend. It is related to the Easter work I have been doing.

I even managed to finish my third postmodern exhibition review today, and published it on my blog.

As the day ended, I had another group review session, this time we critique the work in the liner gallery. All the work was really good and show the progress of all the students, but I was so tired, I just couldn’t focus.

Overall, today was another reminder why I should just stay in bed. As we near the end of our term, I have already begun work on my final project of the year. I won’t talk about today, but I will go into my detail tomorrow, hopefully with more energy.




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