Hamburger Bahnhof review and essay talk

I didn’t have any lessons today, so I went to the library and finished my second postmodern exhibition review on the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum. I will post the review of the hamburger soon, along with my review of the Tate Modern-Media Networks exhibition show. I think you will enjoy them both.

After lunch, I attend a essay lecture with Paul. He talked to us about what we need to do for the essay, the subject of the essay, artists that relate to it, it’s connection to the one of the theory notes from Greg and how many words we need to write (over 2500). I also got a response from Greg on my current crop of work. I didn’t like his response.

Overall, I have loads of work to do over the Easter holidays, but I think I can managed most of it. If not, I suspect I’ll be doing this all throughout Easter:

joker mad


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