Oil paint workshop

Today, I went to a workshop, specialising in oil painting. I have been using oil paint in my recently and this workshop seemed like the best way to learn something new and implement it in my artwork.

Our tutor (John I think) talked us through the process of mixing pigments (colours) with oils. There are many different kinds of pigments, all made from a variety of sources, including Lapis lazuli, grounded beetles and cow urine. There are also many different kinds of oils and mediums, including dry seeding. Honestly, he went into so much detail about all the different mediums that I couldn’t process all of it. Fortunately, Kate was on hand to take notes.

By the end f the day, I had made three separate oil paintings:

IMG_4625The first was a practice painting.

IMG_4628The second I worked on more intently, mixing and thinning the pigments and oils for a smoother and sleeker looking painting.

IMG_4629With the third, I was just mixing the pigments together, to see how they would blend together, before applying them to my second painting. Really, this isn’t even a proper painting, just a quick stroke of the paint brush.

Overall, there was loads of information to take in. Fortunately, the tutor recommended a book on oil painting by Ralph Meyer, which is extremely thick. Still, I will look for it for future reference.


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