Hanging up my work

As we draw closer to the exhibition, I was more than eager to hang up my work. I had hoped to hang up my final piece from yesterday, but because this is a group show, not everyone will be able to present their work, mine included. So, we decided to display 3 of my other collages on one of the walls. The collages in question are the banana, the tongue and the three money signs.

After talking it over with Jo, Amanda and Paul, we decided to hang my work the wall next printing studio. I wanted a larger wall, but considering the size of my collages, the smaller wall compliments them better.

I bought some bulldog clips and would use them later on today. Afterwards, I wrote one of my reviews on postmodernism for my theory course. Now, I have only two reviews left to do.

After lunch, I painted the wall and left it to dry while I went to get my artwork. WIth Kelly help, I hammered the nails into the walls and hung my collages on afterwards.


Now that my work is up, I just need to wait and see what we have to do next before we break up for the Easter holidays.


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