Final piece completion

As we begin preparation for our big exhibition, I had to star work on my final piece, based on all the work I have done so far.

At first, I wanted to put up 3 of my receipt collages (the piranha, the knife and the mask), but I thought about what the others were putting up and decided to make something big for the exhibition.

So, collecting a large sheet of A1 card from my room, I stuck nearly all of my receipts onto it, though I had to ask for more from the other students.

IMG_4611Work in progress.

Once I had enough receipts, I thought about what to paint on it. I thought about using an image from either my phone or my sketchbook (I choose my book), but I had so many it was hard to choose. Eventually, I decided to do a large version of my first receipt collage inside my sketchbook:


I think it came out rather nicely. I thought about adding more to it (logos and brands), but I I think it looks good the way it is and I don’t want to ruin it. I like as it is, simple but to the point.

I was eager to put it up, but my tutor hadn’t picked my space out for me at the time. However, near the end of the day, they did find  a space for me and will put up my work tomorrow.

I look forward to everyone seeing my assemblage painting in the exhibition.


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