Reviews and receipt

Today, we had our big review of all of our work relating to the Tate Modern.Just prior to the reviewing, I quickly did another receipt collage, though my banana is the best.


I had to review 3 pieces of artwork by the following students:




Each piece of work was good, though they need improvements in certain areas: Chloe should work on her presentation, though her sketchbook work shows the progression of her art, Darcy’s art is visually eye catching, but she didn’t explain why she combined two different pieces to make new one above and Gemma hadn’t completed her painting, but he said she wold finish it over the weekend. Overall, each one was good.

After lunch, Paul told us about the UCA fine arts exhibition next week, where all of our recent work will be displayed. Our art will be displayed in the corridor outside the studio, and we need to decide where and how we will each set up our spaces for the show.

After that, we all went around the universe and looked at each piece of art we have produced thus far. When we got to my artwork (the banana), everyone loved my collage. They all urged me to continue using receipts, so I asked Kate to help me collect receipts from everyone in the studio. I now have loads of receipts.

Throughout the day, I have been trying to finish two more food paintings in my sketchbook, which I finished later in the afternoon:


Near the end of the day, I made another collage, with 3 drawings of my scissors:


Tomorrow, I will continue my collage,  and build towards my final piece beofre the exhibition.




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