Mock reviews

For today, we had our mock reviews. Before the actual group review, I had to pick two pieces of work from two students and review them, pointing out presentation, materials explored, techniques and more. My artwork would also be reviewed by two students.

I picked and  reviewed these two pieces of art:



I liked both pieces, but I did have some thoughts: Filip’s artwork shows good presentation, grabs attention easily and good use of materials, but I didn’t find any evidence of sketchbook drawings or any clear intention of the art. But, I love how striking the snake looks.

As for Chloe, she displays exploration of materials and a significant amount of evidence to support it, though the presentation could  have been better and she should explore alternative methods, like sculpture. Overall, both artworks are very good and shows good progress on the parts of the students.

Afterwards, I read two reviews on my artwork and they noted the confidence in my art and my use of materials, but I forgot my sketchbook, which they mentioned. They also suggested that I use different methods other than painting and suggest I| make more collages.

I spent the rest of afternoon working on my artwork.


I will continue my artwork tomorrow.




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