Tate completion and mock reviews

Next week, we will have our mock reviews for all the of our Tate work, so we had to finish them today. I just got back from Yarnton and I was in a foul mood all day, but I managed to finish my collage and hang it up by the end of the day.


I also had another talk with Jo (course teacher) and she loved my collage mural. She liked one of the pictures and suggested I make a painting similar to it. I decided to do on a empty box of lemon cakes. The painting would be based on my etruscan helmet, a recurring image in my artwork.


I used a variety of acrylics for my painting, similar to the painting that Jo liked.


Other than my Tate work, I also had to clean up work space for the reviews tomorrow and take down any research and put them aside. Near the end of the day, I made two new drawings for my second daisen sketchbook.

Today was decent, but I fear the rest of the week is going to be a trudge.


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