Tate Project

For today’s one day project, I had to produce my response to a piece of art from the Tate modern, as well as research of the artist and the piece he made. I choose Jean Dubuffet’s Vicissitudes and made my own collage mural, made from pictures of my own artwork, past and present.

With Kate’s help, I was able to cut out all of my pictures and stick them onto my A1 sheet of blue card (i bought it along with all the materials I had to bring in on Monday).

Unfortunately, I had dropped my phone and half the screen went black. I took it to the local repair mobile phone repair shop in Farnham and had to pay £105 to have it fixed. I have been meaning to get my phone repaired eventually. I will pick it up tomorrow during lunch. For the rest of the afternoon, I worked on gathering research on the artist, Jean Dubuffet, and his artwork to coincide with my response.

Tomorrow, we will have a review of the Tate project and discuss how it relates to our work. We will also have another artist talk (ugh!)


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