Tate Modern visit

For our mystery trip we went to the Tate Modern (Paul inadvertently spoiled it just before the Berlin trip). While inside the Tate, we had to look around the 4 main exhibits (making traces, Citizens and States, Material Worlds and Media Networks) pick one exhibition that relates to my current body of work, and chose one piece and produce a response to it.

Here is some of the artwork I saw in the Tate:

IMG_4480Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych (1962) Acrylic paint on canvas

IMG_4482Roy Lichtenstein Whaam! (1963) Acrylic and oil on canvas

IMG_4464George Condo Mental States (2000) Oil on canvas

Nam June Paik Victrola (2005) Video, monitor, black and white and sound (stereo), wood, acrylic, lacquer, copper and vinyl

IMG_4499Jean Dubuffet Vicissitudes (1977) Acrylic paint on paper and canvas

Just like the galleries in Berlin, I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted to look at some fantastic artwork. But, I had to pick at least one piece of art, and develop a response to it. I think I will pick Jean Dubuffet’s Vicissitudes. The reason being is that I like how he used old pieces of work to create something new. It is very inspired and original. I plan to make my own response tomorrow.

My other choice was to produce another response to either Rothko’s murals or Warhol’s paintings, but I decided to go for something new and challenging.

I also watched a documentary on how one of Rothko’s paintings was restored after someone had defaced it. I never realised that restoring a painting was such a long process. I was very impressed.

I also watched a video on Nam June Paik and his work. I really liked it and I might do research on him, because his art is really unique.

Today should have been a great day, because not only did I go to the Tate Modern, but it was also my Birthday (24 this year). Unfortunately, it was raining and I was in one of my moods. I just don’t want to think about the bad, I just want to focus the good.





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