Final preparations for Berlin trip

No painting today, just buying any last minute bits and pieces for the Berlin art trip this Monday. First, I went to my local bank and exchanged £200 pounds for euros, so I will be able to buy something next week. After that, I had to call EE (mobile phone provider) and ask them about roaming charges. I didn’t know what to do, but Kate was there to help me. I can now use my phone abroad, provided I turn off my roaming data as soon as I land in Berlin.

I had another  session with Jo, and together we looked over any potential galleries I would like to go and see. Right now, I have about 3/4 I want to visit, provided I am with a group.

After lunch, Kate and I went into town to get my boots fixed, and buy a mini deodorant for me. Because of the recent attacks in france last year, security will be very strict  at Gatwick, so I can’t take any large bottles or scissors with me.  fortunately, I can take small bottles of hand cream and I won’t need n=any scissors.

Once we got back to the studio, we measured my bag to see if it was suitable for travel, and fortunately for me it was.

I am now confident that I have everything for the trip, though I plan to buy a few little things tomorrow for my own personal enjoyment.

No posts for the next week, but as soon as I get back, I will let you all know how the trip went. Until then, see you all next week!



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