Proposal and painting

Today, I made a step forward in the development of my final major project. First, I went to the library and finished my project proposal and printed it out. Kate read it beforehand, and she approved.

We went back to the studio, where I had a one-to-one with Jo, an assistant teacher and new tutor on the degree course.

Together, we talked about my artwork, and where I see myself taking it. She loved my drawings and paintings, and encouraged me to continue my work. I told her I was hesitant to continue, as I thought that I would make a mistake. She told me that it was ok to make mistakes, and that I should just “do it”. If I have an idea, don’t hold it in. If I have a problem.solve as quickly as possible and worry later. It was great advice and reminded me of how ambitious I was late last year. I want to continue to work on my artwork in new ways and not let details get in the way.

Right before lunch, I made a start by finishing a drawing I had made last year, on the back of a fat-face bag:


As you can see, I stuck the bag onto my wall, along with a illustration of my mask on a domino’s menu.

Before lunch, I asked Kelly to help me find a wooden board for me to paint on. This is my first attempt at going bigger with my artwork.

Together with Kelly and Kate, we stuck my board onto the wall in my space, where I proceeded to paint the whole surface with white.

Once the paint had dried enough, I painted an image of a coffee bean in the centre of the board, using white and black acrylics:


From the image above, you can see that the paint started to drip a bit, but I plan to paint over it tomorrow. Pretty good painting overall.

In addition to the painting, i also drew another picture for my daisen sketchbook, and made 3 more food paintings inside my sketchbook.

Jo’s advice really got me thinking about my work. I need to be more ambitious and not hold anything back. I plan to look up more artists and their work with painting and food. This will give me more inspiration and help with my work going forward.



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